Invisible Fence

We highly recommend either a structural fence or an invisible fence installed by Invisible Fence of Lehigh Valley for all dog owners. For more than 35 years, Invisible Fence Brand has been providing pet owners with safe containment solutions, trusted technology and proven training methods. Invisible fence has a 99.5% success rate, with over 2 million pets currently on one of their systems. You receive the complete system: advanced technology, professional installation, and customized training. Their innovative Computer collar alerts your dog or cat when he's approaching an edge of the safe area, so that an unpleasant signal does not need to be applied. Their proven training methods help your pet to recognize the signal and soon your pet will learn to safely and happily stay in their safe area.

Unlike traditional fencing, Invisible Fence outdoor containment solutions are designed to fit virtually any home or terrain. In fact, it goes just about anywhere- through rocky soil, wooded areas, even under water and across driveways. What really sets them apart, is their training methods, which combine play and praise with effective behavior modification techniques. This is the only pet safety solution gentle enough for puppies as young as 8 weeks of age, and begins indoors where there are fewer distractions.

Invisible Fence can also help you to control your pet's barking, digging, or other destructive behavior. They also have a line of pet verandas, heated beds, pet doors, and agility playsets. You can contact them at 800-578-DOGS or

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