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Why Do You Want Your Pet to Have a Physical Exam?

Physical exams are just as important for your pet as they are for you and me. They are probably even more important because your dog or cat can't tell you when they need to go to the doctor! There may be signs from your pet that they are sick, such as laziness, lack of appetite, change in demeanor, among others. If you notice these symptoms you should schedule an appointment with your vet. Even if your pet seems to be perfectly healthy, you should bring them in for a physical exam at least once a year, and more often if they are older. Your pet's exam will be very similar to a physical you would have, including checking:

Ears: The ears are checked for infection, inflammation, and also for parasites, as this is a common place for them to live.

Eyes: The eyes are checked using and ophthalmoscope, for cataracts, retinal disease, signs of glaucoma, and other abnormalities. These can all results in blindness, so it is important to check for them regularly.

Mouth: Gum disease, tumors, tooth loss, periodontal disease and throat problems all affect dogs and cats. They could be signs of larger problems. Performing a full mouth examination allows us to diagnose any problems and take care of them before becoming serious.  If your pet has bad breath he probably has dental disease- we can help!

Internal Organs: The internal organs are examined to check that they are functioning properly. The abdominal area can be checked by hand for any growths or tumors or abnormally sized organs. A stethoscope is used to make sure the lungs are functioning properly and are also used to check the heart for arrhythmias, murmurs or other abnormalities

Skin and Coat: This is checked to make sure that there are no fleas, ticks or other parasites that have made your pet their home.  We also check for tumors and infections.

Joints: Your pet's limbs are manipulated to check for signs of pain or swelling.  Remember- a limping pet is a painful pet.  We can alleviate pain with safe supplements and medications.

Lymph Nodes:  If enlarged can indicate cancer or infection.

Body Condition Score:  Used to help make nutritional recommendation to enable your pet to live as long as possible.  We use a grading system of 1-9 where 4-5 is ideal and anything higher is overweight.

If any potential problems are uncovered further tests and procedures may be necessary to rule out the disease, or properly diagnose your pet so that it can be treated.