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Brunswick Veterinary Hospital

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We can obtain radiographs of your pet if they have been in an accident or are displaying signs of pain or illness. Our technician will position your pet and take the necessary radiographs. We are able to evaluate the results immediately with our new digital radiology unit and show you the radiographs on our tablet.  Most radiographs can be taken on an awake animal, but sometimes sedation is needed if your pet is fractious or when certain precise positions are required. We have encountered many instances where bloodwork was normal, but radiographs found a serious problem.  Radiographs can evaluate pets for fractures, tumors, organ size, lungs, cancer and foreign bodies.

We also have the ability to take digital dental radiographs. We utilize these to ensure complete tooth extraction and to evaluate for the presence of dental disease below the gum line. Your pet must be anesthetized for dental radiographs; this is performed at the time of a dental procedure.

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