Tired Of Your Dog Taking You For A Walk?

Gentle Leader Headcollars

Join the thousands of dog owners who have found the way to enjoy pull-free walks with their loyal friend. Gentle Leader is a headcollar that works with your dog's natural instincts. The Gentle Leader's unique design works in two ways:

1- The nose loop encircles your dog's muzzle. Like a halter on a horse, it allows you to guide the nose and head, and the body naturally follows.

2- The neck strap fits high on the back of the neck. The unique design applies pressure to the back of the neck rather than the front of the throat, reducing your dog's drive to pull forward and eliminating any choking.

The Gentle Leader is not a muzzle! When fitted properly, your dog can open his mouth to eat, drink, pant, fetch and bark- except when you choose to pull on the leash to close his mouth.

The Gentle Leader stops pulling and lunging, prevents jumping, controls barking, teaches sit and helps with certain other behavioral problems when used properly. We can assist you to fit the collar on your pet and go over some basic rules. You never jerk or pull harshly on this headcollar: steady pressure is the rule. The product also comes with an informative booklet, training DVD and a short leash. The Gentle Leader is a safe, non-painful means to communicate with your dog. Pinch, choke, and prong collars are not recommended as they inflict pain to achieve their effects and can actually teach the pet to pull harder!


EZ Walk Harness

We also carry a harness that controls the front shoulders and stops those pulling pets.  It works great for long walks and gives the owner better control.  The harness does not provide as much control as the headcollar, but is easier to use and is more quickly accepted by the pet.


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